Kentucky 3Percenters Inc.

President Terry D Bush

President Ky3%, Terry D Bush

Terry and Tater working security at yet another rally in Frankfort, Ky.

Our Mission Statement

Terry Piercy (security)

The story of us...

WHO ARE THE THREE PERCENTERS? ARE THEY TERRORISTS, EXTREMISTS, RADICALS ? Lol. Not even close.... Here is the truth: Just who are these anti-government groups we keep hearing about? These anti-government militias, radical extremist groups, rightwing radicals, and conspiracy theorists? Well, they go by many different names! We have the popular Oath Keepers and Constitutional Guard and the most popular militia group in the 21st century, that continues to grow today and is gaining more popularity, followers and members. They are known as the Three Percenters (3% , 111%, III%, Threeper) with the catch phrase, "We Are Everywhere". The media, along with The Southern Poverty Law Center, has labeled them domestic extremists, anti-government, and even rightwing terrorists. But who are they really? If they are all of these terrible things, why would their membership be climbing higher each day? Let me give you the real story of who the Three Percenters are.

The Three Percenters are anything but anti-government; actually, they believe in and support the fact that we have an established government in this country. True Three Percenters are law-abiding citizens who believe in the Constitution and the unalienable rights of man, just as the original Three Percenters that fought the British in the Revolutionary War. They believe anyone who is sworn into their office, occupation, or position by swearing an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, should honor this for life. As the media tries to portray them as gun nuts and people of violence, they are not. They do believe in the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights and will stand against any form of tyranny, gun confiscation, or any form of unconstitutional or unlawful acts of force by governments, or laws that impose on these rights. Just who are the Three Percenters? They are everywhere, they are bankers, lawyers, teachers, police officers, judges, construction workers, men, husbands, brothers, sons, wives, mothers, daughters, and every single American who believes in Liberty, Life and the Pursuit of Happiness. We are ordinary everyday people who do not wish for war nor do we provoke it, but if war must come "It Will Be Welcomed." They are America's protectors against forceful, illegal, unconstitutional laws, and tyrannical governments. "If war must come, let it come in my time and not my children’s." The III% are educated in politics, history, laws, and they have a code of honor as they walk tall in this country. They love their country and their fellow countrymen and women alike. If and when they shall ever be needed, they will leave their families and run toward the sound of gunfire instead of running from it. They will die on their feet, fighting to be free men and women and not on their knees bowing to none other than Jesus Christ. So, these are the true facts of the Three Percenters. They are not violent, unruly, anti-government extremists. They are your neighbor and your friend. So, please help us spread the truth instead of the lies of the main stream media. I am a Proud III%er...

                     We Are Everywhere...

                       We Are the III%!!!

KSERT graduates 2019